What is CBD Oil?

The legalization of marijuana has inspired deeper research into the benefits of “weed”. Whilst there are still people who frown upon the consumption of the marijuana plant, the majority are more interested in the health benefits that it can provide. Here, we will take a closer look on the chemical compound that makes CBD Oil one of the most popular treatment alternatives in the field of medicine these past few years.

What is this CBD oil everyone is talking about?

results with cbd oil for saleWhen we talk about the health benefits of marijuana, it is best to start clearing up a few things. First, the high you experience when smoking, vaping, or ingesting marijuana comes from the chemical THC. This cannabinoid is well known for its psychoactive effects. Of the 80 or more chemicals in a marijuana plant, only THC causes the “high” associated with ingesting the herb.

There is a long list of medicinal functions associated with the use of CBD products. Due to the increasing demand for CBD, the pharmaceutical industry has been relentless in its pursuit of discovering other possible healing benefits of CBD, and the delivery of quality CBD products in various forms.

Cannabidiol or CBD is primarily extracted from the hemp plant or marijuana plant. The best CBD oil for sale comes from the hemp plant as they feature higher CBD concentrations and low THC levels. In essence, only the CBD component is important, thus doctors highly recommend using CBD than medical marijuana products. CBD has a trace to zero THC concentration making them the perfect dietary supplement for the young and old.

Cannabidiol is just one of the 85 cannabinoids present in cannabis. In a marijuana plant, CBD is only second to THC in terms of concentration. On the other hand, the hemp plant is dominantly made up of CBD and only small amounts of THC. CBD affects our endocannabinoid system; a network of receptors that release chemicals that benefit different parts of the body. CBD oil for sale from the hemp stalk is considered safer than CBD extracted from the marijuana plant. Simply put, CBD delivers all the health benefits without the unnecessary high from THC.

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Why is Cannabidiol(CBD) unique?

CBD is essentially what doctors prescribe to their patients. The hemp plant is naturally low in THC, thus consumers are less likely to experience “high” with its consumption. Industrial hemp is abundance in the United States and all across the globe. They are considered “legal” as hemp is versatile, being that it is also used in the production of textiles, being used as an important building material, and are being marketed as a dietary supplement.

During the extraction process, high levels of CBD is produced as well as other nutrients including amino acids, terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, and even essential amino acids. Unlike marijuana oil that can only be sold in states where marijuana was legalized, this amazing oil can be sold and purchased across all 50 states.

The world is now becoming more accepting of hemp CBD oil as a nutritional supplement. The healing potential of hemp CBD oil has significantly changed the marketplace. People are now aware that Cannabidiol only delivers positive benefits without the high of marijuana.

Is CBD Even Legal?

CBD is widely misunderstood despite the numerous research pointing to its efficacy and high safety level. legal to be sold and manufactured in all 50 states.

A must-know for first-time buyers is that CBD hemp oil comes from the marijuana strain that contains trace levels of THC only.

Cannabis indica is a type of marijuana strain with higher THC concentration than CBD, thus they are being used for recreational purposes.

On the other hand, cannabis Sativa is a collective term to help plant strains with small THC concentration and high CBD levels.

You may only purchase and use cannabis Indcia in states that passed legalization for medical and recreational marijuana. CBD oil for sale that is sourced from Cannabis Sativa is considered legal wherever you are in the United States.

Will the use of CBD result in a positive drug test for marijuana?

cbd oil benefitsOne concern that many people have when using CBD is testing positive for marijuana or THC during routine drug examinations for employment reasons. Drug testing is mandatory among federal employees, and although not a requirement among private sector employees, an increasing number of companies are implementing drug screening as a requirement for employment and in order to maintain employment.

As THC is linked to psychoactivity and feelings of euphoria, most people are deemed to undergo drug testing to identify the presence of marijuana in the urine. The Substance Abused and Mental Health Services Administration or SAMHSA has determined the cutoff level for positive urine screen at 50ng/ml immunoassay.

For those who appear to have immunoassay results >50 ng/ml level, a follow-up Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) test is implemented to verify positive traces of THC in the urine. The cut-off level for the GC/MS screening is set at 15 ng/ml and detects mainly the main metabolite found in THC.

The highly sensitive drug test does not detect any other cannabinoid other than THC. This means that CBD hemp oil users may undergo routine urine drug screening without fearing that their results will come out as positive. Even those who regularly use the oil or pills in large doses need not worry about getting a positive drug test result.

In rare cases, the test may come out false positive. This may be caused by the presence of other metabolites or compounds that may cross react with the immunoassay. The GC/MS test will be the confirmatory diagnostic test that can tell if an individual has higher than normal THC levels.

The good news for regular CBD users is that high-quality products have low levels of THC in them. The majority of CBD hemp oil for sale only have 1/10th or 1/300th of THC that is commonly found in marijuana.

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Is there a difference between products?

There is no difference in the makeup and composition of CBD between Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis indica. The only difference is that some products may have more cannabis oil than other forms of CBD products. There is CBD oil for sale that features additives, but those who opt for pure CBD can resort to using CBD hemp oil instead. The active compound, CBD, is present across all products and only differs in strength and concentration.

There are no studies yet as to which is more potent between CBD hemp oil and the oil extracted from the marijuana plant. The only difference between these two types of oil is that CBD from hemp undergoes a gentler extraction process, thus it can produce oils with higher CBD content. Lastly, the majority of oil in the market is derived from the hemp plant, thus making them more accessible to the public.

How much should you take?

The correct dosage is an important aspect of learning if you are planning to use marijuana for medical purposes. Although numerous states have already legalized the prescription and use of medical marijuana, a lot of health professionals still hesitate to prescribe them due to the lack of knowledge regarding proper dosing for different medical conditions. CBD extract oil is a relative newcomer in the world of pharmacology, thus it is difficult to identify safe and standard dosing. Luckily, researchers are now formulating effective dosing schedules for medical marijuana, including CBD hemp oil.

Is the oil from Hemp more powerful than Marijuana Oil?

CBD oil that is extracted from agricultural hemp is known to be just as potent and efficacious as those sourced from marijuana. The human body does not have the ability to distinguish CBD coming from agricultural hemp, marijuana, and other cannabis plants.

Consumers who are after the therapeutic effects of CBD are assured to receive the same set of desirable results from CBD hemp oil with those who use CBD oil extracted from the marijuana plant.

Why should you choose Hemp Oil over Marijuana Oil?

As hemp feature extremely low amounts of THC, it becomes a more favorable product to use for people who would like to experience the therapeutic benefits of CBD minus the usual THC-related symptoms including euphoria and pyschotoxicity.

To further ensure safety and efficacy when using CBD oils, make sure to purchase from established companies that manufacture their products in facilities that receive excellent safety commendations.

Here are some guidelines for proper dosing:

• Dosing is on a case-on-case basis. Everyone is different. As you may experience positive effects with one capsule of CBD hemp oil, there are those who need to increase their serving size to achieve the desired effect. By rule, you need to start with the smallest serving size of your preferred oil variant. The increase in dosage should be done in a gradual manner until you feel the desired outcome.

• The concentration of oil varies across products and manufacturers. There are some that feature a minimum, standard dose of 1 mg per dose, while some start at 100 mg per dose. As a standard unit of measurement is used, it becomes relatively easy for consumers to identify the ideal dosage for their needs.

• Your dosage will largely depend on your medical condition. The duration will also be based on the severity of symptoms.

• If you want to experience the full range of therapeutic effects from CBD hemp oil, it is recommended to purchase capsules or oil tincture. The former is taken orally while the latter is placed under the tongue for quick absorption. A more discreet version comes in the form of mouth strips, gums, and chocolate bars. If you are a beginner, you may want to try out the oil in different forms. It is easier to identify which of these approaches are better for your needs and lifestyle once you’ve tried all of them. You may also combine the use of two oil forms, to optimize desirable results.

• There are no reports of overdose when you use CBD. However this is true, it’s still best to increase dosing in small increments every seven days. This approach makes it easy for users to identify their sweet spot.

Although there is no established lethal dose for CBD hemp oil, users are still encouraged to take the right amount of dosage. You need to find that sweet spot for you and remember not to overdo it, so you can experience the desired results. If you want to increase your dosage, it is best to consult your physician before doing so.

Lastly, make sure to purchase CBD oil for sale from trusted brands. Do not forget to conduct your own research about the top brands in the CBD hemp oil manufacturing industry. It also pays to check reviews from consumers online. It is best to consult with your doctor regarding the right dosage so you optimize the benefits of CBD use.

Are there dangers to using CBD Hemp Oil?

dosage for cbd oilAt present, researchers and medical power and efficacy of Cannabidiol. It has the potential to become a potent product that claims to deliver a host of therapeutic benefits. Despite this, the process of extraction, manufacturing, formulation, and administration to its many users remains questionable.

While hemp is identified as a dietary supplement by the FDA, the organization is in essence not authorize to assess dietary supplement products for safety and efficacy before they are released and sold to the public.



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