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The popularity of Cannabidiol has skyrocketed in recent years, and for good reasons. The whole world is now discovering the amazing effects of cannabinoids on human health and wellness. The major selling point of cannabinoid or CBD oil for its supporters is its non-euphoric or non-psychoactive quality. But, most people wonder – is CBD legal?

The stigma surrounding marijuana is slowly fading into oblivion. One by one, states across the country are legalizing the CBD dosage of cannabidiol, the therapeutic compound extracted from marijuana. It will still be long ways to go before people gain a deeper understanding about CBD, but millions of people are now using CBD oil and other Cannabidiol products in curing diseases that pharmaceutical products fail to treat.

If you’re one of the millions of consumers who want to try out CBD, you need to educate yourself first with our CBD buying guide. As it is a relatively new product, it is best to equip yourself with ample knowledge to arrive at a wise buying decision. Let this article serve as your ultimate CBD buying guide! Let’s start!

CBD 101

dropperSo what is CBD exactly? This is a commonly asked question among newbies or those who have been given Cannabidiol as an option for treatment. In essence, cannabidiol or CBD is an all-natural compound found in cannabis. It is classified as phytocannabinoid, an active substance that makes up for 40% of marijuana plant extract.

Cannabidiol can be found in certain strains of cannabis. The unique characteristic of Cannabidiol is that it does not make users “high.” Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, CBD is non-psychotropic in nature. THC is widely used recreationally due to its psychoactive effects. As both chemical compounds are found in cannabis, people with little know-how find it difficult to believe that marijuana indeed can be used in a wide array of medical applications.

As CBD oils and other Cannabidiol products are fairly new in the field of medicine, there are still things that we don’t know about this compound. While all research studies conclude that CBD is a relatively safe and effective substance, its long-term benefits are still a hot topic in both the medical field and mainstream society.

The Health Benefits of CBD

Cannabidiol boasts powerful antioxidant qualities, thus making it an excellent dietary supplement. The many positive effects of CBD can be stemmed from its mechanism of action.

Cannabidiol is mostly found in the interior resin glands of the cannabis plant. CBD is a cannabinoid, a chemical compound that acts as an agonist. Its main function is to bind to specific receptors on human cells called cannabinoid receptors. The majority of the cannabinoid receptors are in the central nervous system, whilst the rest are scattered across various organ systems including the digestive tract, integumentary system, and reproductive organs just to name a few.

Think of cannabinoids as keys that unlock cannabinoid receptors. In order for the cannabinoid receptors to work as they should, cannabinoid consumption is a must. The network of cannabinoid receptors is collectively referred to as the endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system unlocks the production of many key proteins in the body. This neurotransmitter system is involved in numerous integral functions such as:

– memory
– mood
– motor control
– immune system functioning
– fertility
– pain perception
– sleep patterns
– appetite
– bone growth and development

The cannabinoid receptors that release proteins have four primary functions:

– stress recovery
– immune balance
– optimum energy balance
– neuroprotective functions

Cannabidiol Common Routes of Administration

resultsAs part of shopping preparations for CBD Hemp oil, you need to know the different routes of administration for this product. Bear in mind that different types of CBD oil products have different effects.

For instance, if you inhale CBD oil by way of a vaporizer, the Cannabidiol passes through the lungs, to the bloodstream, and then finally to the brain. Consequently, CBD from cannabis is absorbed by the body using a different route.

Inhalation of CBD oil products is considered safe and effective as it goes to the brain and does not involve processing in the liver.

Hemp Oil and Cannabis Oil

Hemp falls under the Sativa variety of cannabis. It is primarily grown and cultivated for industrial use of its fiber. Industrial hemp is being used mainly for its strong and sturdy qualities that are perfect for the production of biodegradable plastics, rope, biofuel, construction materials, and food just to name a few. Unlike marijuana, hemp is a non-euphoric and non-psychoactive plant due to its low THC feature.

Hemp CBD oil is undoubtedly an efficacious product that delivers therapeutic effects to its users. However, when it comes to potency, Cannabis oil claims to be more efficient and fast in delivering the desired results.

The Things to Consider when Buying CBD Oil

CBD oil comes in various forms. Choosing between CBD products can be a daunting and challenging task for first-time buyers. As there are numerous products and brands in the market, buying your first batch of CBD can be overwhelming.

Given the wide array of products on sale, the ultimate question is, Which CBD is the best for your needs? In order to come up with the best buying decision, you need to learn how to compare products. Here are four criteria that you need to seriously consider when buying CBD.

1. Strength

CBD oils are essentially judged based on these two important factors:

A. Concentration

The concentration of CBD oil is the most important factor when choosing Cannabidiol products. Although hemp oil has its own set of health benefits, CBD is known to have most of the therapeutic effects that consumers need to treat conditions.

B. Percentage Volume of Cannabidiol in the Product

The CBD percentage volume is customarily placed on the label and is most commonly expressed as the total percentage of the volume of the product. Typically, percentage volume ranges between 0.1 and 0.26%. The concentration will depend on the amount of Cannabidiol you want to begin your healing regimen with as well as the type of product source.

2. Purity

Purity is yet an important factor you need to look at when buying CBD oil. The purity level will depend on the other ingredients added to the formulation. There are Cannabidiol products that contain preservatives, sweeteners, artificial colorings, and solvents.

As CBD oils are extracted from the different parts of hemp, including stalk, flowers, and leaves. As farming practices differ from different locations, there are Cannabidiol products that may contain chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and pesticides. Make sure to purchase your CBD oil from trusted industrial hemp producers like American Hemp Oil.

Different Types of CBD Oils

spoonCBD oil is an extremely versatile product as it can be used in numerous ways to deliver a wide array of health benefits. Given the diversity and versatility of CBD oil, you need to know that different products have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, there are CBD products that are known for their potency whilst some are marketed for their convenience and ease of use. There are also CBD oils that are popular because of their delicious flavors while some are high in demand due to the high CBD oil concentration. As CBD oils do not cause unwanted side effects even in high dosages. It should also be noted that CBD products can also be used together without fears of overdosing. There are also CBD products that may be mixed with food and drinks.

1. Capsule

CBD is packed in conventional dissolvable capsules. CBD in capsule form contains hemp oil in powder form and is most often loaded with high levels of CBD. Convenience is the main selling point of CBD capsules. Apart from the fact that capsules are easy to ingest, it also comes from a host of other advantages. As hemp oil powder is encased in capsules, they are completely odorless and tasteless in nature. They are small and discreet and can be carried around wherever you go!

Another advantage of opting for capsules is that you can easily keep track of your intake. You can accurately measure your serving size, thus making it easier for you to check the number of capsules to purchase at any one time.

The only limitation of using capsules is the difficulty of having to tweak the dosage. It is rather difficult to find that sweet spot if you are taking capsules compared to using pure CBD oil. You are only limited to per capsule serving size, which means increasing the number of capsules may be too much and may not give you the desired effects altogether.

One way of offsetting this limitation is by combining its use with other CBD products such as tincture or gum.

2. Gum

CBD in chewing gum form is perfect for people on the go. It’s an easy and convenient way to infuse CBD use into one’s wellness lifestyle. The benefits of using CBD gum are similar to those using capsules. They are convenient and easy to carry around too.

The major selling point of CBD gums is that they are extremely discreet. Taking CBD capsules and using vaporizers are extremely convenient, but these are things that you simply can’t showcase in public. With a CBD chewing gum, you can consume them whenever and wherever you like.

Another great quality of CBD gums is that they feature flavors. Most companies that sell CBD gum feature hemp and mint flavor just to name a few.

The main drawback of using chewing gum is that it is difficult to adjust serving size. The concentration of CBD is largely dependent on the gum size. Therefore, it is recommended to combine the use of CBD gum with oil and tincture.

3. Tincture

CBD in tincture form is inarguably the most popular CBD product on the market. The majority of companies that sell CBD oil produce it in tincture form as they are both versatile and convenient to use. CBD tinctures come in a variety of flavors and CBD strengths. What makes tinctures superior over other CBD variety is its serving size precision. Users can increase or decrease the dosage easily by the drop.

Tinctures are easily absorbed by the body as it is administered sublingually. You may also mix it with your favorite beverage.

The disadvantage in the use of tinctures is that they are not as portable and discreet as gums and capsules.

4. Topicals

Topical CBD comes in the form of balms, creams, and lotions. Topical CBD products are unique in that they can target specific body parts. They are applied directly in regions suffering from stiffness, pain, and inflammation. The accuracy of the topical is best for those who suffer from joint and muscle pain.

Topicals, however, are slow acting when compared alongside other CBD products. As they are absorbed through the skin, the relief they provide can be slowed down by various factors. In addition, CBD cream and lotions are relatively more expensive than gums, capsules, and tinctures.

5. Oil

The purest CBD products come in oil form. CBD oil is highly concentrated and features the highest quantity of CBD. As its main selling point is its purity, CBD oil does not contain artificial flavorings or sweeteners. This is advantageous for those who simply want to get the benefits without any fuss. Just like tinctures, CBD oil may be with food and drinks.

Now that you know the fundamentals of CBD through the above CBD buying guide, you may now proceed to purchase one that perfectly fits your needs!


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