The Rick Simpson Story

Image of Rick SimpsonRick Simpson Oil is a product that has been stirring heated debates in the field of medical marijuana.  Its medical capabilities have seen so many people seeking to learn more about the extract and its benefits. Now that you are here, I will definitely ensure that your quest to understand Rick Simpson Oil is fulfilled. As a Cannabis expert, I have spent months of research just to know how this product works. Besides, I have also been consulting with various experts and I am happy to inform you that my efforts have yielded fruits.

Are you wondering how Rick Simpson came to be one of the key figures in the cannabis industry? Well, I have compiled a brief story on how he stumbled upon his fame.

Rick didn’t have any medical background when he started using medical cannabis. In fact, he was working at a hospital in Nova Scotia, when he got involved in an accident that hurt his head pretty bad. Simpson tried lots of pharmaceutical drugs and nothing seemed to alleviate his pain. Instead, all the drugs made his situation worse due to serious side effects. Rick was getting fed with all his medicines and he had to look for an alternative.

At this time, Rick was determined to find a cure for his never-ending headache. Luckily, he stumbled upon this documentary about the medicinal benefits of cannabis. The documentary was quite convincing because it sparked a lot of interest in him. He finally decided to try smoking marijuana and to his surprise, it was working way better than the prescription drugs he was using.

Rick intensified his research and consultations so as to find legal ways to acquire cannabis. Unfortunately, doctors were reluctant to help him out due to the legal implications of marijuana. They even tried to discourage him from using marijuana claiming that it would damage his lungs. Fortunately, Simpson’s family doctor advised him that he should find a more effective way to use cannabis. The only option that was available was extracting the oils and ingesting them orally.

Without wasting time, Rick did his own research and he was able to make some good cannabis oil. Amazingly, the oil worked wonders than the drugs he was using. Besides, the cannabis oil made him feel better and cured his condition. At least, Rick was able to resume his normal life.

Fast forward to 2002, Simpson was diagnosed with Basal cell carcinoma. He had three lumps on his skin. After seeking medical attention, the doctor tried to excise one of the lesions but unfortunately, it got worse after a few days. Rick tried his luck once more with his cannabis oil and within four days, his three lesions disappeared completely. He was so surprised that the cannabis oil would heal his cancer. In fact, he became so happy that he had to share his experience and findings with his doctor, friends, and family.

His new findings motivated him to venture into the medical cannabis field as an advocate. Besides, Rick continued growing his own marijuana plants and harvesting the oil. Surprisingly, he gave away his oil to people who needed it without charging a dime. Rick encountered a lot of problems because he was always at loggerheads with the police.

What Exactly Is This Oil?

Well, for those who are wondering where the name Rick Simpson Oil came from, I am about to tell you how it all happened. For the record, Rick did not name the product, it was Jack Herer who named the oil after hearing Rick Simpson’s story. Cannabis enthusiasts recognize Jack Herer as a true advocate of the hemp movement.

This oil s an organic product which offers a myriad of medical benefits. The product is essentially a concentrated formula of cannabis oil. RSO contains a low amount of cannabinoids and a high amount of THC. For your information, Rick Simpson Oil is legit Cannabis oil just a different name. The only problem is that cannabis oil is rare to find because it’s considered to be illegal. Anyway, you don’t have to worry because you can still reap the same benefits from CBD Oil.


There are so many people who are yet to realize the benefits of using Rick Simpson Oil. This can be attributed to the fact that society still thinks that anything related to marijuana is bad. Fortunately, the number of states legalizing marijuana is increasing at a tremendous rate. At least, people are changing their opinion through the help of awareness programs. Below are some of the key RSO benefits that have been proved scientifically.

Relieving Anxiety

Cannabis Oil is well known for helping people who suffer from anxiety. According to scientists, the THC compound is responsible for inducing the relaxation effect. This happens when the compound triggers the release of pleasure hormones which alleviate anxiety and depression. Rick Simpson Oil helped so many people who were suffering from anxiety and depression

Boosts Appetite

Experiments have proved that this oil is effective when it comes to boosting appetite. It works much better than most supplements that you’ve been taking. Just like Marijuana, the cannabinoids that are present in the oil will make you feel hungry immediately after it is absorbed in the body. This way, you will be in a position to feed well and regularly.

Relieving Pain

Now you should know that Marijuana products are widely known for relieving pain. Rick Simpson used cannabis oil to relieve his headaches and it worked pretty well. There is no doubt that cannabis oil will come in handy when you have unbearable pain. Besides, Arthritis patients have also benefited from the oil because it helps in reducing joint pain.

It Helps With Insomnia

Rick Simpson Oil is famous for its ability to induce sleep. The cannabinoids that are present in the oil will help the body and mind to relax. As a result, you will be in a position to enjoy long hours of uninterrupted sleep.

It Improves Heart Health

Cannabis Oil is not only used to treat diseases and alleviate pain. People have been consuming it to improve the health of their hearts. The product has antioxidant properties which can assist to flush out cholesterol from the heart’s system. This way, your heart will remain healthy and free from any conditions.

Skin Care

The other awesome benefit of using RSO is that it helps in maintaining a healthy skin. The oil helps in keeping the skin moisturized and soft. Besides, the product can be used to cure acne which is a condition that a lot of people struggle with.

RSO Oil vs CBD Oil

As I mentioned earlier, CBD Oil is not the same as Rick Simpson Oil. Each has different ratios of THC and Cannabidiols. Research shows that RSO or Cannabis Oil is extracted from THC dominant marijuana plants. This means that the oil contains high amounts of THC as compared to CBD Oil. Moreover, the oil is a full spectrum extract which insinuates that the product comes with other types of cannabinoids which include CBG and CBN.

On the other hand, CBD Oil is said to have significant levels of Cannabinoids and small traces of THC. Unlike RSO, this oil is harvested from CBD dominant Marijuana or high resin hemp plants. The only similarity that exists between these two oils is that they are extracted from cannabis. All in all Cannabis Oil is still considered illegal which leaves you with the option of using CBD Oil.

Is There A Possibility Of Getting High?

Unlike CBD Oil, Rick Simpson Oil has a high THC content which will definitely give you a high. According to Rick, the high is not harmful and it is the most important property in the Oil. He goes ahead to claim that removing the effect from the oil will interfere with the healing effects as well as the efficacy of Cannabis Oil.

For those whose body systems can’t tolerate THC, you can still opt for our premium quality CBD Hemp Oil. This Oil offers a good number of benefits and most importantly, it does not have psychoactive effects. From our experience, it is always good to go with CBD Hemp Oil since its THC content does not exceed 0.3%. CBD Oils that are extracted from Marijuana will always have some significant amount of THC. Just ensure you are choosing the right one for your body.

Can I get RSO For Free?

Long gone are the days when Simpson used to make his own oil and give it for free. I am pretty sure he has helped so many people with his oil. Unfortunately, he stopped supplying his precious oil. What does this mean? It’s extremely difficult to get Cannabis Oil because the method of extraction is not considered to be legal. Unless it’s legal in your state, the only option you have is to make some by yourself. On the other hand, you can still use CBD Oil which is the only viable alternative that won’t bring you trouble with the authorities. Besides, CBD Oil will still offer the same benefits as Cannabis oil.


Do not fall for any product that claims it’s the original Rick Simpson Oil. Most of them have no value and are processed by companies who have little knowledge about the product. Stay away from companies or retailers who claim that the product was endorsed by Rick Simpson himself. In fact, Rick is yet to announce his association with any organization. All in all, you can visit his official website to learn more about him and gain some insights about the oil.

Where Can I get Legit Oil?

As I have mentioned, do not fall for companies that claim their product is original. Rick Simpson’s oils were the only original products and the fact that he stopped producing it means you have to find another alternative. The only viable alternative is to buy from a company that is well known for making CBD Oil products or make some at home.

Honestly, only a few guys can be in a position to make some high-quality Cannabis Oil. Of course, there is a nice recipe on Rick’s website that you can follow. Unfortunately, finding plants that have a high amount of THC is a daunting task especially because of the legality involved. Moreover, growing marijuana might also bring you more trouble. So, what is the point of getting yourself into trouble while you can obtain the best CBD Oil in the industry from American Hemp Oil?

You have to remember that the cannabis industry is highly unregulated. You should decide whether you are ready to make the product yourself or buy from a trusted dealer. Before you even decide on which dealer you are going to buy the product from, make a point of researching and consulting with experts. Besides, a good company will always provide customers with the lab test results in order to ascertain the quality of the oil.

How Do You Use The Product?

One of the most asked questions when it comes to Cannabis Oil is how it should be used. Well, there are only two ways you can use this product. You either ingest it orally or apply it on your skin. Of course, the method of use will be determined by the medical condition you want to treat. Remember, this oil has a bitter and chlorophyll like taste. You might consider mixing it with bread or taking it with your favorite fruits.

In case it is your first time taking Cannabis oil, it is always advisable to start with small dosages. You can always take one tiny droplet three times a day. If you are having trouble swallowing the oil, consider placing it between the inside of your lip and gum and allow it to dissolve.  Make sure you double the dosage after every one week until the sixth week of treatment. From there henceforth, you should ensure that you are taking a gram of the oil daily.

Dangers of Purchasing Cannabis Oil Online

Nowadays, there are so many online shops which claim to sell legit Cannabis Oil. The truth is not all of the sellers are legit when it comes to medicinal marijuana. You should always try to make the oil at home if you have the experience and resources.
Below are some of the dangers that are associated with purchasing cannabis product via social media or fake websites.

  • There is a possibility that some dealers use a low-quality solvent during the extraction process. This might lead to poisonous residues remaining in the oil extract.
  • There is a possibility that the marijuana plants are contaminated with pesticides which might also be present in the oil extract.
  • Some dealers do not filter the extract as required and chances are the oil might contain a significant amount of waxes and plant material. Ingesting such a product will cause inflammation at the back of your throat
  • Some dealers will sell your Simpson oil that has not been properly tested. Avoid purchasing from dealers who can’t prove that their product meets the industry standards.
  • Finally, some of the oils might not have the correct ratio of CBD: THC. Such products will not work as expected and some might end up to be too strong for your body system.
  • You should not purchase any product blindly otherwise you might get ripped off by unscrupulous traders. For your information, there are so many sellers on the web who are looking to rip off vulnerable individuals.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The side effects that are associated with RSO are not as serious as people think. You will experience sleepiness within an hour of ingesting the oil. Other users tend to experience impaired judgment which explains why you should not operate machinery. The good thing is that these side effects will fade after your body builds tolerance.

Other minor side effects include:

  • Dizziness
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Impaired motor control
  • Paranoia
  • Irritability
  • Disorientation

With the recent breakthroughs in the marijuana industry, there is still hope that Marijuana will be legalized in most states. We are also hopeful that our research will help us to identify which strains work perfectly. The good news is that so many people have benefited a lot from using Rick’s Cannabis Oil. This product has been proven to be much better than conventional treatments. In case cannabis oil is considered illegal in your state, you can still opt for CBD Oil which is also effective.



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