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Vaping CBD oil is the next big craze, right?

More people every day are turning to CBD extracted from hemp plants for its health benefits. In fact, when consumed, CBD oil affects the endocannabinoid system, our body’s network of receptors that are present in the central nervous, brain, and even throughout the immune system.

In total, the endocannabinoid system is responsible for maintaining the body’s function, balance, and overall health, or homeostasis. That system plays an essential role in combatting the barrage of toxins present in modern life, ensuring that our bodies function properly and self-regulate when it comes to sleep, appetite, mood, hormone regulation, immune response, pain reception, and much more.

And while CBD is growing exponentially in popularity for its health benefits, vaping is fast becoming a preferred method of administering CBD oil. Let’s take a look at how to find the best CBD vape oil that’s right for you:

What form does CBD come in?

When Cannabidiol is produced in a concentrated, liquid form, it’s called CBD oil. This oil can be used in several ways, but one popular method is to heat and inhale the oil through a vaporizer, vape pen, or even in an e-cigarette. If you’re looking for CBD vape oil for sale, you’ll be happy to hear that it comes in a bottle, making it easy and convenient to refill your vaporizer, or you can buy a single-use cartridge for vape pens.

Now that we’ve answered your important question, “What is CBD vape oil?” let’s look at CBD vape oil effects on your health.

The benefits of using CBD vape oil:

From doctors to medical advocates and the general public, we’re becoming increasingly aware of the profound therapeutic properties of CBD oil. While it’s important to note that CBD has not been granted FDA approval yet, and far more research is needed to prove its efficacy in treating diseases, it is being used as a safe alternative natural therapy for many ailments.

High-quality CBD is already being used to ease and aid a host of conditions and their side effects, including various stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, chronic inflammation, joint pain, epilepsy and seizures, sleep apnea, various cancers, Leukemia, and many more.

It’s important to note that CBD should not be considered a cure for these ailments and diseases, nor do it hold any scientifically-proven medical properties. There are various trials about CBD in the pre-clinical stage, but, for now, it should be used as a preventive alternative therapy.

Always consult your physician before starting to use CBD oil, as he or she can best guide you through the proper dosage, what to look for in a CBD, and what conditions it may help with.

Will using a CBD vape get me “high?”

CBD hemp oil from American Hemp Oil contains no THC, the active ingredient with psychoactive properties that are found in marijuana and other cannabis products. Therefore, vaping CBD will not get you “high” or produce any similar effects. That includes being free of common symptoms of THC use like red eyes, dry mouth, increased appetite, anxiety, or other sensations. Of course, it’s not addictive, either.

But please beware, because some lesser-quality and unregulated companies do sell CBD that contains trace or even higher amounts of THC. They often mislabel their products, too, so you can’t trust the information on their website when purchasing. Not only will that have health implications, but can also get you into potential legal trouble.

Instead, when you vape or use a product from American Hemp Oil, you will only experience the health benefits of CBD hemp oil

Why is vaping CBD better than smoking medicinal marijuana or using other forms of CBD?

If you’re looking for a therapeutic cannabis product to treat some sort of ailment, condition, or disease, you have a lot of options. In fact, it can get downright confusing as you read through websites, blogs, and other recommendations that extol the virtues of medical marijuana, cannabis oil, CBD, and more. But there are some great advantages to using CBD oil in a vape pen, vaporizer, or E-cigarette that may make it the right choice for you, which I’ll outline here.

First off, you want a product that contains no THC. Not only will this indicate that you have a higher-quality CBD, but you won’t have to worry about getting a prescription from a doctor – or possibly be in violation of state or even federal law. With a remedy that contains zero THC and is non-psychoactive, you can get all of the healing benefits of CBD without worrying about being (or looking!) high at work, in public, or with family.

You also want a product that you can use at work, in business or social settings, or on the go – discreetly and safely.

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Vaping is generally far healthier than smoking, whether it’s tobacco or medicinal marijuana because you aren’t filling your lungs with toxic smoke and carcinogens. Instead, with vaping, the clean and concentrated CBD oil will be heated at low temperatures, releasing a gentle and mild vapor stream that’s easy to inhale without the harmful side effects of smoking.

Likewise, many cities and municipalities are banning smoking from public areas. But vape pens and other apparatus do not combust materials, instead issuing a smooth inhalable steam. So, vape pens, vaporizers, and e-cigs allow you to enjoy in public without worrying about local ordinances or offending bystanders.

Vaping is also the preferred method of CBD users for a different reason – convenience. That’s because vaping apparatus like pen vaporizers generate little or no odor, and definitely not the harsh and noxious heavy smell of smoke from cigarettes – or smoking marijuana.

They’re also made as compact and portable as possible, usually no bigger than a large pen, so it’s easy to use them discretely, inhaling your vape CBD anywhere without detection or raising interest.

Inhaling CBD oil steam through a vape or e-cigarette is also an extremely efficient way to consume the substance since it doesn’t have to go through the stomach and take time to be absorbed into the blood like other consumables. Instead, vape is absorbed and disseminated throughout your system relatively quickly, so you’ll feel the positive CBD vape oil effects a full 30 to 60 minutes quicker than other methods of use.

Why is the relative ease of using a vape so important?

Many people use these products to naturally treat anxiety and other stress-related conditions. If you’re one of the millions of Americans that suffer from acute anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, or other maladies, the last thing you want is a remedy that is too powerful, making you sleepy, lethargic, and “out of it” for the first few hours after you take it.

So if you’re at work or on the run and need the soothing and relaxing CBD vape oil effects – but still keep mentally sharp and focused – this method of intake is your best choice.

How long will you feel the CBD vape oil effects?

Once you find the correct amount to take and vape a dose of CBD, you’ll usually feel its soothing natural sensation fairly quickly. From there, a single dose of CBD from a vape pen usually will last about two hours, at which time you’ll feel it gently and gradually subside, signaling that it may be time to take another dose.

Therefore, it’s really simple and convenient to take smaller, incremental doses of CBD through a vape, without ever worrying about a “high” from products that contain THC, or issues with the effects being too strong or long-lasting when doses are ingested in capsules.

If you feel that you need more CBD or are ready for another dose, you simply take a puff of your vape pen. We’ll talk more about proper dosage in depth in another section here.

What dosage of CBD vape oil should you take?

Since the quality, concentration, and purity of CBD vape oils vary widely by manufacturer and product, you’d be wise to do a little research before starting to use any vape oil for health reasons. That includes reading up on the subject from credible, trustworthy sources like American Hemp Oil and also chatting with your physician (even though no prescription is needed).

But we do have some basic advice that will help guide you:

Although more studies and clinical trials into the efficacy of CBD are underway, there is still a lack of good information about CBD for consumers. Part of the reason for that is because some fly-by-night manufacturers and shoddy resellers are producing and offering low-quality CBDs that may be inaccurately labeled. In fact, many are flat-out wrong when it comes to documenting the purity and concentration of CBD in their products.

So always look for a high-quality product from a manufacturer like American Hemp Oil that administers multiple layers of testing both in-house and through neutral third-party laboratories, ensuring the accuracy of labeling.

You’ll find that any CBD vape oil for sale will list its strength based on a measurement of the total milligrams in each bottle or cartridge. While the weakest CBD vape oils contain about 25mg, the strongest will go all the way up to about 300 mg or so.

Remember too that different people will react differently to CBDs based on their body size, metabolism, and tolerance. The proper dosage will also depend on what condition or disease you’re trying to alleviate with this natural health supplement.

It’s also important to note that there’s an inverse relationship between tolerance and dosage. What that means is that when someone first starts consuming, they’ll need a higher dose to feel the full CBD vape oil effect.

But as they continue, their body will absorb and hold more CBD, to the point that it won’t be completely out of their system for weeks if they stop consuming. Therefore, it takes a lower dose and frequency to enjoy the CBD vape oil benefits to your health as time goes on.

How long should one purchase of CBD vape oil last you?

Each user may go through their CBD vape oil at a different pace. It also depends on the quality, as the best CBD vape oil will be far purer. The biggest reason for this is because cartridges and bottles contain widely different volumes, typically from 25 milligrams all the way to 300 milligrams, but different vape oil users also consume at different rates.

Based on CBD vape oil reviews and anecdotal evidence, I would say that most users go through one cartridge or bottle of vape oil within an average of 5-15 days.

Is it safe to vape CBD?

 The great news is that consuming high-quality CBD oil through a vape or e-cigarette is a safe and natural therapy to treat a host of maladies, conditions, and diseases. There are no recorded instances of fatalities or even overdoses due to this natural therapy use. Likewise, there are no known prescription drug interactions.

However, just like starting any new health supplement or therapeutic substance, it’s important that you start slowly. First, read the multitude of CBD vape oil reviews before purchasing to find out what other consumers think. Begin with a small dosage and gauge its effect, continuing with a higher does or increased frequency of consumption until you’re receiving the desired health benefits. Exercise moderation, and with a little trial and error, you’ll reach your comfort zone where you are receiving the maximum CBD vape oil benefits.

Do you need a prescription to buy CBD vape oil?

The great thing about purchasing a CBD vape oil from American Hemp Oil is that you know you’re getting a safe product that’s perfectly legal to use without a doctor’s prescription. Since or CBD oils and vape oils contain zero THC, they are legal per the Department of Drug Enforcement agency’s ruling, as well as lawful according to all state laws.

However, that may not be the case when you buy CBD vape oil from other manufacturers or sources, who often mislabel their products or take shortcuts in production, resulting in oils that may contain trace amounts of THC. Since THC is the psychotropic compound in marijuana and other cannabis strains, it’s still illegal in some states without a doctor’s prescription.

While you’re free to purchase from American Hemp Oil without a prescription, it may be a good idea to consult your physician before starting its use, as you two can discuss proper dosage and other specifics.

Where’s the best place to buy CBD vape oil – or find CBD vape oil for sale?

You can purchase a wide assortment of the best CBD vape oils right through the American Hemp Oil website. Browse through our great selection, read the comprehensive CBD vape oil reviews, and then either order right online or call one of our helpful product specialists who can answer your questions and walk you through your many options.

Since vape oils from American Hemp Oil contain no THC and are perfectly legal, you’re free to buy any of our products without a doctor’s prescription and still rest assured that you’re obtaining the best CBD vape oil on the market.

No matter which way you order it, your order will be sent immediately and mailed right to your front door so you can start enjoying CBD vape oil benefits as soon as possible. We also offer a risk-free money-back guarantee to ensure that you get the right vape oil for you and are happy with our service.


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